Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Fun with Legos

This post has been sponsored by LEGO, they sent us a couple LEGO Friends sets which we loved building.  All thoughts, photos, and opinions are our own.

Oh these summer days.  I wish they would last forever.  I love the relaxed schedule, the ability to pick and choose what we want to do each day, the sunshine, the water parks, everything about summer makes my heart happy.

The one, tiny, drawback of summer here in Utah can be the heat, the sometimes sweltering heat.  My cute kiddos are so good about taking advantage of their summer days.  They play hard from morning until night and if they had their way I believe all day would involve hours in the sun playing with water.
Unfortunately there are a few hours every day where I really feel like they need a break from the sun.  Some days we snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie, some days they have a few chores to do, and some days we break out the LEGOS.  The awesome thing about LEGOS...hours disappear in a blink.  I love watching them build their sets when they first get them and I love watching them create new designs once they're ready to take them apart.
 I can't begin to count the hours (or number of LEGOS we own) my crew has spent building towns, creating monsters/dragons/spaceships...my favorite is when I see them all playing together each with a section of the LEGO table as their property and it's just so...I can't think of the right word because it's more a mom sound of happiness than a word.  Anything that brings them all together just makes me the happiest of happy moms.
Lego sent Lila a couple new LEGO Friends sets and we had so much fun building them together.  She was seriously the cutest and I loved the one on one time with her.  She so excitedly showed me each step along the way that I couldn't help but be excited with her.

Seriously so cute.  LEGO was brilliant releasing the LEGO Friends line 5 years ago, we've had so much fun collecting the sets and building them, she's already building her birthday and Christmas wish list and so far the top item is the Heartlake Summer Pool, have you seen it?  It's seriously the cutest set!
Morgan just had his birthday and as has been the case for the past years he had a whole collection of new LEGO sets he was dying to have.  I still haven't managed to find him the Kai Red Dragon set he's been wanting for over a year now but thankfully LEGO has a new Ninjago set with a two headed dragon that he was so excited to get!  Grandma and Grandpa came through with another new Ninjago set that made the building even more fun.
He was so excited, he woke up at 6am and started building.  Years ago the boys learned a trick when building on the wood floors.  A towel helps keep the pieces from rolling around and getting away.

You may have noticed his cute new birthday pajamas.  Have you seen the LEGO Batman movie yet?  Oh my goodness the kids love it, they've been repeating lines over and over and laughing so hard every time they do.  How do you not laugh along with that?
I think it's safe to say we're a LEGO loving family.  If you're looking for a creative way to engage your children this summer during those hot mid-day hours that doesn't involve a screen in front of their faces break out a set of LEGOS and build with them, you'll probably be surprised at how good they are at following the awesome step by step directions and how much fun you find yourself having with them.  It really is time well spent.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Emilia's Hope of America Project

I always love when the kids decide on their own that they want to do something for someone other than themselves.  Like most parents, I'm sure, I get that sense of "I must be doing something right" when my children are thinking outside themselves.

In the 6th grade at our elementary school students have an opportunity to do something called the Hope of America project.  Along with applying to be involved, which included an essay, teacher approval of their ability to do the project along with their school work, propose an at least 12 hour project, and follow that up with another essay about what they did and how they felt about it.

Mia decided she wanted to make lightweight fleece blankets for the homeless shelter.  She shared her project idea and between fabric and money donations she was able to make over 35 blankets.  She worked so hard on them and they turned out wonderfully.

I really can't say enough good things about our schools and the good they encourage the students to do in our community.  Makes my heart swell with pride both because of the students and the educators willingness to be the good.

Keep shining sweet girl, I have no doubt you're going to do amazing things in this world!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Where the heck does the time go?

♥After my last post I had all these plans to sit down each day for about an hour and get things caught up, yet here we are, two more weekends have passed since Easter and I haven't even actually gotten to the Easter post yet.
Please tell me I'm not alone with the whole time flying by thing?  I swear some days I feel like I really need to just give up sleeping all together and then maybe if I'm using every minute of the 24 hour day I will have time for everything I need to do and maybe some time for the things I want to do.
So what has happened between the Saturday before Easter and now that I was wanting to update you on?
  1. Nate went to Atlanta for a week, the same week I had Snap! Conference.
  2. Lots of baseball.
  3. Zach and Megan got married.
  4. I made Lila another dress.
  5. Talon's senior night for lacrosse
  6. EASTER!
  7. Nate surprised us all by speaking in church and didn't tell any of us beforehand.
  8. Bright and Emilia battle of the books results & field trip
  9. Emilia's Hope of America Project
I'm not even positive that is all of it.
We've got another busy week this week.  Nate's trying to take some time off so we can knock a few projects off the to-do list and on to the DONE list, it'll be amazing if we can get even two of them done.  I'm hoping he's able to be home a little more this week because he's GREAT at keeping me on task.
Because I'm about to run out the door to take Anna and Emilia to the orthodontist I don't have time for more of an update right now so you get a couple photos to finish this check-in off.
As I mentioned up there Zach and Megan got married!  We're so happy for them and the day was absolutely beautiful.  I can't wait to see all the photos that were taken and once they're where I can share some I will do a post all about that lovely day.  For now you get a couple cell phone snapped photos that I just loved.
Here are the happy couple, aren't they just beautiful.  I just love the smiles and the love that was felt by everyone at the wedding and the reception!
I know it's a bit selfish of me but I cannot wait to see how the family photos we had taken turned out.  I'm excited for new family photos and if this cell phone shot is any indication all those darling children of mine realized it was a good time to take picture taking seriously because they're all looking and smiling and even Nate is smiling a real smile!  HAPPY DAY!
So there we are, an almost, sort of, kinda update.  I'll be back with more...just need to figure out the whole not sleeping thing!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Weekend (pre-Easter) Recap

Family photo Easter Morning
Life sure tends to be always a blur, I'm going to recap Easter Weekend here and then work on the week before because there has been so much going on.
We had a lovely Easter Weekend.  I'll start with Friday because that was kind of the start of the crazy busy time we had.
Friday morning we woke up early-ish (early for Spring Break week, not for a normal life week) and headed over to the church, one of the new members who had moved in planned an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and it turned out so cute, it was a fun way to start the day/weekend.
After the egg hunt we came home for a bit an I finished building this cute planter I had been working on for a blog post for a local nursery, I absolutely love it and once the post is up I will share the link here so you can make your own too!
I finished the planter just in time for Belle and I to head to the hospital.
Bartholomew the Bunion
Belle has been dealing for years and years with a bunion on her left foot, at the start of the school year she was taking a dance class at school along with dancing company at the dance studio.  As the year went on she was having a lot of pain, she dropped the dance class at school hoping it would stop the pain, it didn't, so after the Nutcracker she stopped dancing all together.  We hoped not being on pointe 4 days of the week would eliminate the pain but here we were months later and she was still having pain in her foot.  A second opinion on her foot resulted in the recommendation for surgery.  We decided to move forward with the surgery and it was scheduled for the Friday before Easter.
Waiting for her IV, trying to not be nervous.
IV is in, now waiting for the doctor so surgery can start.

Headed back, she said she wasn't too nervous but I'm not positive I believed her.
Surgery lasted exactly as long as they expected and went exactly as they had planned.
Step one for a healthy pain free foot.

It took a while for Belle to be released from the hospital, her blood pressure and pulse were both low when she came out of surgery and she was happily snoozing away, we had to get her up and eating and then all her vitals improved and we got to head on our way.
We went straight from the hospital to Harrison's baptism, it was nice to spend the evening with family and great to support Harrison in his awesome choice.
Saturday morning dawned early, the kids were determined to hit the Easter Egg Hunt at our local IFA.  We made a deal before we left, no chickens, no ducks, they could hunt and see if they could find a bunny in the eggs.  There was no bunny found but the kids did serious egg hunting, they were allowed to get 6 eggs each, 6 of the 7 came to the hunt which meant they had the opportunity to find 36 eggs.  On their hunt they found 13 chicks and 4 ducks and they hunted and hunted, I'm not sure they took a single egg with candy in it because they were determined on their mission to find a bunny.
The 4 youngest waiting for the IFA Hunt to begin
While waiting they got to hang out with a bunny and bumblebee.
The whole egg hunting crew.  As you can see the bunny hunt was very important, Belle was determined to go regardless of the fact that she was less than 24 hours out of surgery.
She didn't get to bring this cutie home but she sure enjoyed snuggling it.
 After the IFA hunt we headed home for a bit and then headed to the City Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids look forward to it every year and had a blast again this year.
Anna escorted Morgan to his hunting section while Mia and Bright headed to theirs and I took Lila to hers.


Our day didn't even begin to slow down after the egg hunts.  All us girls had Megan's bridal shower to attend.  It was nice to visit with all the family who took time to come down and to celebrate Zach and Megan's upcoming wedding.
After the shower I had the opportunity to help Megan with her hair for her bridals and their first look video, I've seen one sneak peek and can't wait to see the rest, I'm sure they all turned out beautifully.
Sneak Peek!
We had what is becoming our almost annual egg dying party with Matt and Angela's family, Mike, Sue, Heather, and Great Grandma and Grandpa even stopped by.
While looking through these photos of the adults you should take note of the pretty consistent smile the Crookston men have.
Nate and I, obviously he loves photos.
Mike and Sue, obviously the smiles run in the family.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Lucy, Grandpa at least has a bit of a smile.
Angela and Matt, he appreciates photos about exactly as much as his brother.
So glad Aunt Heather was able to make it in town for all the fun this April is bringing.


Because I'm not sure this post can afford to be any more picture heavy it looks like the actual Easter post will have to wait until tomorrow.
Life sure is fun, even if we're running just about ever second of the way!